ExaGear Stratagies

Games emulating application for Android. ExaGear Stratagies is one of the best PC or Windows games emulator available for Android devices. Since Android devices or SOC devices becoming more and more powerful than Windows Laptops and computers, you can play Windows Games on Android devices through emulation.

All the games are not supported. However you can play older classic favorite Windows games that are not available for Android devices using ExaGear Stratagies. Currently support many awesome games including Civilization III, Disciples II, and Heroes of Might and Magic III. You have to buy and install legal copy of those games on your windows PC first. Then copy installed folder back to phone. You can use OTG USB device to make that process much more easier and cleaner.

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App Suggestions

There are many awesome Apk files available. For example Happy Chick. Many gamers love to play older classic games. Problem is how to play those games. What if you can play those games using your Android phone. Happy chick is one of the best classic game emulator with most number of classic games that are freely available to play.

Once you addicted to those classic games, you may realize how awesome those games were. If games and apps are blocked on your country or region, use free Android VPN like kiwi vpn.